Soft roller cleaner head for Dyson V10, V11, V7, V8 vacuums by L01S


Soft roller cleaner head compatible

with Dyson V10, V11, V7, V8 vacuum cleaner



  • With the right accessories, housework will be easier & quicker!
    Make cleaning your floors even easier with this vacuum cleaner attachment.

  • 100% new product in original packaging
  • Perfect replacement for your original floor nozzle
  • All compatibilities & technical details can be found below


  • With its 2 smooth-running rollers, this nozzle glides safely over sensitive floors without leaving any scratches. The special tilt-and-turn joint ensures easy attachment of the suction hose & is ideal for corners & tricky angles. The transparent plastic housing makes it easy to inspect the brushes in the event of malfunctions. The large rubber roller prevents your hard floors from being scratched.

    This nozzle has extremely soft bristles on its soft fabric roll so is particularly suitable for gently yet thoroughly cleaning hards floors such as parquet, tiles, PVC, stone or laminate flooring. The extra fabric strips provide even more protection for sensitive hard floor. The soft roller can be removed from the side so that it can be cleaned under running water. 

  • Not an original product - compatible accessory from the brand LO1S.


    Content of delivery:


    • 1x floor brush attachment

  • you can add an extra carpet brush bar with an additional charge




  • Width: 25cm
  • Operating width: 21.6cm
  • Length: 29cm
  • Colour: grey / purple / red / black
  • Weight: 797g
  • With smooth-running rollers
  • Rotating brush roller
  • Tilt joint
  • Nozzle supplied with power from vacuum cleaner





Suitable Model

  • Dyson : V10
  • Dyson : V11
  • Dyson : V7
  • Dyson : V8



This Is A Compatible Dyson Soft Roller 

Equivalent to Dyson part numbers: 966489-04, 966489-12

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