DYSON V6, DC59, DC62, SV03 TURBINE HEAD 966981-01

Dyson V6, DC59, DC62, SV03 Turbine Head Part No: 966981-01. The replacement Carbon fibre motorised floor tool for your Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners. This motorised floor tool is 211mm in width.

Suitable for:
Dyson DC58 Animal
Dyson DC59 Animal
Dyson DC59 Animal Complete
Dyson DC59 Animal Exclusive
Dyson DC59 Animal Exclusive
Dyson DC61
Dyson DC62
Dyson HH08 Mattress UK
Dyson SV03 -V6 Animal UK
Dyson SV03 -V6 Fluffy
Dyson SV03 -V6 Cordless
Dyson SV06 - V6 Total Clean
Dyson V6 Exclusive Slim
Dyson V6 Exclusive
Dyson V6 Slim

Used in:
Dyson DC58/DC61 Main Body Assy
Dyson DC59/DC62/SV03 Main Body Assy
Dyson SV06 Main Body Assy

Fit to Model:
Dyson DC58 Animal Complete UK (Iron/Satin Nickel & Red/Purple) 204843-01
Dyson DC58 Animal UK (Iron/Satin Nickel & Red/Purple) 64956-01
Dyson DC59 Animal Complete UK (Iron/Satin Nickel & Red/Purple) 204841-01
Dyson DC59 Animal UK (Iron/Satin Nickel & Red/Purple) 64955-01
Dyson HH08 Mattress UK (Moulded White/Sprayed Nickel & Teal/Teal) 209431-01
Dyson SV03 Animal UK (Iron/Sprayed Purple & Red/Purple) 211317-01
Dyson SV03 Fluffy + UK (Iron/Sprayed Nickel & Red/Blue) 210321-01
Dyson SV03 UK (Satin Silver/Moulded Purple & Red/Natural) 208179-01
Dyson SV06 Total Clean UK (Iron/Sprayed Nickel/Red) 210761-01

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